Term 3

Last term's learning

P7/6M had a fabulous opportunity to develop their reading and presentation skills by participating in the Scottish Book Trusts Shared Reading Project. This project ran for a number of weeks beginning with a drama session to help build confidence with reading aloud to an audience and resulted with P7/6M reading books to younger buddies across P1 and P2 for a number of weeks which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our current learning


Primary 7/6M are looking forward to the Burns Supper this year, as not only will P7  be writing and leading the celebrations from the top table, but all pupils will be joining in these celebrations by learning our Scottish dance ‘Strip the Willow’ and learning the Burns poem ‘Address to the Toothache. Everyone in class will be showcasing their artistic skills by completing a piece of Art work to go on display in our hall.

Our Social Studies focus this term will continue with our Scottish theme with pupils learning about the ‘Wars of Independence’ where pupils will get the opportunity to work co-operatively in groups and develop research skills.

During our Money Week we will focus on the theme of mobile phones in order to develop our skills in budgeting (for apps and accessories) as well as calculating change and hope to share this learning with family members in our upcoming Family Fun sessions.

Class events


As part of our outdoor learning programme Primary 7 will be travelling to Edinburgh and various locations across Glasgow getting involved in various activities such as rock climbing and hillwalking, while Primary 6 will get the opportunity to participate in our Bikeability programme.

Family Fun sessions will take place in February and March with family members invited to celebrate the success of the pupils as well as work together on a task.


P7/6M’s PE takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. P7/6M can wear P.E kit to school on these days.